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Shawn Knight- 5am to 9am
Shawn Knight is a man of many skills and talents. He's bigger than life! He has been on the air from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah...wait thats a song. He truly has a long history but the authorities have not caught up to him yet so he's able to stay on the air. He brings his wit and cheery charm to the Kix 105.5 Morning Show and there's nothing you can do about it.

Jeff Young
Jeff Young - 9am to 10am
Jeff Young enjoys photography, computers, and music. He also loves traveling, sightseeing, and the outdoors. In fact, his aspiration is to one-day hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. When not out on an adventure, Jeff is content to stay at home with his two adorable kitties.

Dakota Summers
Dakota Summers - 10am to 3pm
has been hosting afternoons since 1994. Major recording artists regularly stop by to chat with Dakota and she has a knack for getting them to relax and have fun. Her bevy of interactive show features really connect with listeners. Dakota has done radio in Denver, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Las Vegas.

Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas - 3pm to 8pm
is a 20 year radio vet who came to Hot Country via KZLA and KYSR in Los Angeles. He has also worked at big stations in New York, Chicago, Phoenix St. Louis and Las Vegas. Plus, Brian is a regular on-camera correspondent for Country Music Television (CMT).

Chris Conn
Chris Conn - 8pm to 1am ET
known as The Conman - is doing what everyone in radio wants to do...have fun! The Conman Radio Show is interactive as he encourages listener involvement through his nightly features. Conman developed his skills at great radio stations like KBPI in Denver and was a longtime on-camera host on television's Great American Country (GAC).

Biscuit - 1am to 6am ET
was born in Texas and raised in Colorado and Alaska Biscuit could not manage to keep his mouth shut at home or in school so it only made sense to set his sights on radio. Biscuit loves interacting and entertaining people and truly believes he was born to make people smile and laugh so radio will always be a part of his life.