You need to take ownership for not being aware that you had to put the wire in the scrap trailer. The Magistrate will set a date in the future for a hearing where you and any witnesses will attend to give evidence. The Magistrate wants to know the background leading up to the offence that will help explain why you committed the offence. This is free of charge and will give you a copy of: Full disclosure will attract a cost but you will be given all of the documents above, plus the statements of witnesses. For more information about our duty lawyer services call 1300 366 611. Your plea will outline any circumstances that may lessen the penalty you receive. My trial is set for the 21st and pretrial this Friday the 18th? Send questions about this page using our online form: Contact Us. When we found a ticket, we thought there was a mistake. Want to join in? Edited by JMA, Lynn, Eng, chaz and 22 others. For example the Court Clerk will ask: "Are you John Michael Smith?" If I could keep my rent for the next three months. When it says brief description of yourself, do I declare I am a single mom and not working? I'm in between jobs and It will put extreme Robles in being able to afford to eat and pay rent if there was some how away that I could have my fine reduced so I can continue to look for work and make it to my side jobs when they come about.. I just found out about the court date? We checked multiple times before we park and there was no sign for handicap. Sample Plea Letter to Judge for Leniency A basic Plea letter asking for Leniency. You can ask staff at the Magistrates Court where you are appearing if there is a duty lawyer available. The letter informs the court that the person wishes to plead guilty by post in order to avoid having to attend at court on the date indicated in the summons. The ticket carries two points go to the court and it will get reduced to a lesser offense. You will also be asked to confirm your identity. How do we word it with respect and professionalism? I was issued a summons from a Court in Pennsylvania for posting a bad review on the Internet? Address what evidence is backing up the claim for the burglary. Do I have to question the chairperson's faults in the mitigation of circumstances? I don't know about the other ones! After hearing your plea in mitigation the Magistrate can then decide an appropriate penalty. The matter may be dealt with on that day. I either plead guilty or not. He or she will most likely want to review it and help you revise it, if necessary. If you are pleading guilty to a traffic offence and you may lose your licence as a result, make sure you have alternative transport as you may not be able to drive home. Try to contact your local public defender (if your area has one) or the public defender in the city in Pennsylvania in which the court date is scheduled. Do not wear shorts, singlets, t-shirts, caps, hats or sunglasses. Be especially respectful to the Magistrate. If no specific form is available for pleading not guilty, you may be able to enter your plea by writing a letter to the court. In Michigan, the handicap parking lot has different color and even a parking meter has a sign for the handicap. Factors such as entering a plea of guilty at an early stage may lead to a discount on your sentence as this saves the court time and shows that you accept that your actions were wrong. say my medication or this will be viewed as trying to find an excuse for my behavior. It is great that you are getting back on your feet, but keep in mind, that insurance companies are now the ones who decide if you are employed by a trucking company or not. The following day the company's police department came and arrested me and the co-worker that was with me for theft of company property and using a company vehicle for non-company use. Also, if it appears that a vehicle has been abandoned, the police can also remove it. I had no idea what was going on until I saw a judge and then I was still confused. Recently our oldest son, when he turned 18, felt he knew it all and moved out because "I'm an adult and I don't need you." DOS likely is going to terminate my employment within next 6 weeks. I would like to tell the judge I am remorseful and that I did nothing intentionally and that I had no idea, but I have no idea how to word my letter.