• Monday- Friday at 7:20 : Birthdays!
  • Monday & Tuesday Trivia at 8:20 and 12:20 1 Question : Be the first to answer correctly and win a prize.
  • Wednesday Trivia at 8:20 and 12:20 Mystery Movie for Tickets to the Star Theater : Shawn will play a short movie clip and the first listener to identify the movie wins tickets to the Star Theater.
  • Thursday Trivia at 8:20 and 12:20 Mystery Music : Shawn will play a song clip backwards to see if you an tell him the song to win a prize.
  • Friday Trivia at 8:20 and 12:20 3 for 3 — 3 questions and 3 prizes
  •  Facebook Question of the week: answer the question on Monday on facebook for a chance to win the weekly prize on Friday.

All prizes can be picked up at the VBA main office at 39 Church Street in Lyndonville between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm weekdays.